English Review – Mandy (2018)


Panos Cosmatos is perfectly blending in the cosmological particle and a somewhat false prophecy in strong symbolized manner. With dazzling colors and rampage takes on; Mandy is a cult-perfect.

Our director right here is a singular visioner and he has done it all like a bizarre shit. That is certainly how the movie wanted to be mentioned as. Cult horror elevates into a brutal redemption starring innocent Nicolas Cage that turns into a fearsome avenger.

Somewhere in Shadow Mountains in 1983 AD, Red Miller (Cage) is a lumberjack staying in the middle of forest with his lover Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). Surrounded by almost nothing until a caravan passing by. Caravan full of total freak set of people. Their leader claimed himself as a God messenger thinking that every desire he demands has to be fulfilled.

Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache) tells his loyal followers that he attracted to a girl he saw in the forest. Yes, that was Mandy. And she is on demand by a lunatic cult capitalized by lust and apparently has a connection with -what Nic Cage mentions as “Crazy Evil” later. Black Skulls as they are descents of hell. Fashioned by chilling fog, driving on a motorbike, a total threat.

Red has never thought that his life would collapse into terror, and perhaps he doesn’t really aware how the hell he’ll get into later. There will be his own scene filled with coolness of him casting his own spear, be ready of a retaliation.

The symbol of holiness and purity upon Mandy here by which attracts anything, even evil. Resemblances on her story about a nightmarish memory of starling killing and Red cartoon dreams of sign that hard to interpret. But it’s not easy, every pureness isn’t easy to be malign. Mandy is a story about falling into beauty and mistook it into desire.

Visually creative production and it’s indeed among best. Remind me how Sin City was delivered. Those illuminative red spectrums and others nice lighting. Eccentric cinematography. Massively done.