Review – Parasite (2019)

Di Parasite, kita mempelajari bagaimana takdir mengharuskan kita “membayar”…

English Review – Chernobyl : Episode 3 (2019)

Perhaps not until its third has Chernobyl finally shows the scariest part of what so-called a nuclear fallout. We’re on quite disturbing experience right at this point….

English Review – Chernobyl : Episode 2 (2019)

Chernobyl comes nail-biting when precisely at the time we starting to learn the emergency, the State aren’t…

English Review – Chernobyl : Episode 1 (2019)

Chernobyl Episode 1 holds you tight with such a primal fear. It reveals how all of the horrors started and it ends leaving you in concern….

English Review – Arrival (2016)

Bold and brainy, but for me, Villeneuve‘s piece isn’t only thought-provoking; it is a brutal heart-provoking….

Review – Green Book (2018)

Dan dengan Green Book, pada akhirnya kita memiliki film Best Picture yang mampu memenuhi ‘standar film bagus’ bagi penonton umum…

Review – Leave No Trace (2018)

Drama kejiwaan yang hebat. Leave No Trace membenturkan hubungan keluarga kecil pada keadaan yang dilematis dan menguras tenaga serta perasaan….