English Review – Us (2019)


Terrifyingly humorous and brings an implicit commentary. Somehow, Us is impressing by being insightful.

Jordan Peele‘s second creation is still soaring up to his command. Not lacking in creativeness and yet resulted to be a kind of social statement. As bold and as daring as his previous.

Following a story about family once again, Peele is presenting a terror that burst, not from people that clearly different from you as it could possibly happen in Get Out. Us instead tells that it could come from people that look like exactly like you, by which happen to be very literal.

Wilson’s family has to confront with a complete set of their doppelganger claiming as their own shadow, the “Tethered”, and been living underground in opposite comfort all this time. Left confused but Wilson’s aware that they need to escape rather than asking a further question about it. Because it’s pretty clear, they are going to kill.

The action kicks and the bigger event awaiting. On the other side, Lupita Nyong’o character’s, Adelaide the family mother is on her own mind as she starts recalling her childhood nightmarish memory that perhaps had a relevant connection with all of this present growing endemic.

Us is more a complex idea than suspense. Both of his films are captivating mystery with fruitful dark jokes, but Us apparently appears more complicated in unfolding its riddle compared to the energetic free-flowing Get Out.

Nevertheless, Us continuously impressing through its clever concept of “They’re us” and “We’re American” which surely makes it interesting in context. The story has an urgency, eventually. The social analogy captures audiences perfectly. Us is about the sin of being unaware instead of being uncaring or apathy. The disaster that crawls upon the innocence of the Wilson family provides the importance for the movie of being insightful rather than satirize.

Us is a good example of dilemmatic horror. The more you think about it, the more the film becomes spot on. It really has an ambitious concept with messages to tell while still reflects its eccentricity of a writer’s mind which at last, still bringing surprises.


nb: I’m little bit concerned about Nyong’o underrated performance on this