English Review – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


Texas Chainsaw Massacre is among those movies that inspire, spreading to a new appealing sub-genre of thriller; terror of serial-killer.

This original piece of a sawing machine freak known as Leatherface absolutely is a gold standard back in the days. You will just feel it; the gruesome horror and authentic cult nurtured by very very classic developing disastrous events from a group of naive young lads.

Let mention it one by one, conceptually; a damn obsolete house in the middle of nowhere, a very strange ornament in the house of a mysterious and singular neighbor where our young kids are somehow not too scared to come in and would regret it later. The one-by-one missing formula till the concoction of a broken car scene in which the crucial ‘have-to-escape’ scene is coming away.

Even though the most main plot structure may be difficult for you who has followed typical slasher movies to undergo a different experience and not be bored, still the movie has something unique to deliver.

The last portion of the movie is another genre, captivates you in another genre which the madman Leatherface is no longer a mysterious existence but a threat you got to run away. That eerie cat-and-mouse shot in a long scene is what remarkably remembered from the movie.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s movie psychological is well gathered along Marilyn Burns character Sally who has through a lot of different kind of terror. Her acting is just brilliant, to know how scared to death she is and somehow her survival sense is high also, gives me an affinity through its logical self-defense sense.

It’s pretty comic to know that the movie is once a show for the freaks. The slaughtering is just another event for these lunatic; yeah it’s not only the Leatherface who’s in the house. As I said before, the movie is enticing still, with its typical original substances.