English Review – Porco Rosso (1992)


Hayao Miyazaki’s first creations turn out to be as intimate as ever, once again brilliantly carry on the powerful existence of girl.

Porco Rosso isn’t about a dreamland journey and participation of somewhat unreal creatures which you may see from Hayao’s typical. It more like The Wind Rises which reflects an essential character and individual history depicted on the present time of the movie. We’ll follow the life of Porco Rosso (Italian for Red Pig), perhaps a forgotten hero from past. We’re gonna learn about his principle of life, while without having to enter his flashback, we are also going to learn about who he was through deep and intimate dialogue.

What is life about at the end of wartime?, in Italy it’s all about sea pirate and bounty hunter. Sky is full of aircraft, at some time they are chasing at each other, and at a certain time, they all just sit peacefully in the term of rest time a┬ábar. The red pig is kinda bounty hunter, the famous one. In a certain corner of the building, several people know about his past, when he’s still a man.

Porco Rosso integral lies on its characters sincerity, about the ambition of fame and woman. Porco Rosso is a story of deciding a life path of our own and embracing all of it takes. At last, Miyazaki’s generic formula strengthen the movie as well as the girl character of Fio gives another core of encouraging personality.