English Review – Love, Simon (2018)


Its sincerity and heartwarming characters bolster up the film’s unafraid material. Love, Simon is a huge statement among our entire social culture; there will always be many to support whatever how our life is going.

Love, Simon narrative is pretty essential to lift up a crucial interest of side: the minority. An absolute social satire, powerful messages that lie upon a simple story of a normal boy with a normal life, being distracted of how should he tell everyone on earth that he is, a homosexual.

Follows our main character, Simon (played by Nick Robinson) who is pretty much a protagonist that starts to unravel his life: family, friends,¬†and college. Here’s the thing, he never finds this as an issue before, to not say it, to keep it concealed like forever. Until an anonymous student admits that he’s gay in an online local college forum named Creek Secrets derived from his school name Creekwood that enables every student there to elevate anything they would like to talk. From now on, the feelings that Simon got is different, the anxious incoming. He secretly contacts him, both with undercover names, Jacques as him, and Blue as his mystery man. And they share bigs. In every email which he sends, it’s closed by a warm cover: Love, Jacques.

Simon starts to fantasize who is this Blue based by a minimum clue which is continuously seemed wrong after evidence. He doesn’t tell anyone about this but Simon is quite himself when he says that he is up to anyone business. Falls into an undesired situation, he is blackmailed and has to be a kinda matchmaker which slowly affects his lion share of life.

The ups and the downs of the story depicts a rich emotion that relatable. The insecurities and distresses while from outside, everything seems just fine. How it was unfair that only gay people had to come out and announce themselves.

The film personal and sincere is reflective of what writers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker have done lately. They were both main keys of now a popular TV Series: This Is Us. And it is similar to how this film enjoys unfolding the story of respecting and appreciating others. The moral value of it is bold given in a light way. Love, Simon is a massive tribute for whoever feels the movie just delivers a right idea, it’s a tremendous display of acceptance.

It is about family and friendships but after all, even though the main idea of the movie sounds distorted for common people, it is a pure romance.