English Review – IT: Chapter 2 (2019)


Structurally same thing for almost three hours is one of what we rather call “it” as an unacceptable bargain.

Andy Muschietti back on the second chapter with his famous The Losers gang as a devastating phone call from one of them, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) has forced the whole gang to reunite once again, in Derry, after 27 years. He informed that the pattern has come again, the red balloon, the missing kid, the terror of Pennywise (Bill Skaasgard) who blatantly messages them to come and deal with him back through nightmares and words written of blood over the wall.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work much for me, even worse than before. Muschietti still keeps on with something I annoyed by from the first movie: A quite insignificant love story and moments, and an overlong duration. Chapter 2 is draining while keeps you choked by structurally the same thing when it comes to jump-scare that is going to happen.

It’s an adult version of Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 2. Our guys still as coward and as brave as they were from the last chapter. And still, they’ve got to deal with the bully issues, because Muschietti doesn’t create a distinctive and fresh conflict for them here but rather brings up the movie purely as a reminiscence for they have to remember all the things, especially fears from all the scary experiences.

Those scary experiences are basically the entire spooky scenes from Chapter 1, which are taken by Muschietti back to this movie to generate feelings that our characters still couldn’t move on. Ah no, they actually had forgotten that, but Mike said they need to remember that again. And what is that for!?, the answer is those memory are needed to kill the clown once again. Pathetic isn’t it ?.

And it speaks for the long duration since Muschietti needs to re-imagine what we had already seen from Chapter 1 and evoke that again in a detailed flashback for each character. I repeat, for each character, and we have six characters here!. Undeniably exhausting. And if Muschietti’s motives are to make the two movies intertwine real good, that instead makes it feels useless to watch the first one.

Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan and James Ransone had done a remarkably job by appear convincing when impersonating each younger self. Even some of them (Ryan and Ransone) look alike you would believe if they’re the same person.

The adventure went more surreal, and the visual effect actually is among the best. Plus after learning that IT: Chapter 2 still has some positive critics that hold, I would like to say that it’s just me that doesn’t like the movie, rather than judge it as a bad movie. Stephen King material seems like a juvenile drift in this one, a fantasy more than it’s a horror; Hey, he’s a cameo here by the way.

PS: I still couldn’t believe that the native ritual things here ended up as filler garbage shit.