English Review – In The Mood for Love (2000)


In the Mood for Love is more than just a romantic tale. Or perhaps it is not. The movie turns out to be more dilemmatic, painful while telling you about marriage’s ugly truth.

In The Mood for Love perhaps depicts the most sorrow relationship between two’s. The movie paced in a gloomy tone, yet how quiet it is. Most of the time only rain, footsteps from afar, and the inevitable little noise coming from the noodles store.

The story begins just after Mr. Chow (Tony Chiu-Wai Leung) move into a building with several flats. He recognizes another person is also coming in, being new neighbors in recent. That is Mrs. Chan (Maggie Cheung) whose husband is still on overseas duty when she herself directs some handymen to move her things, settled in in the new place.

It only needs short of time for the movie to describe how both Mr. Chow loves his wife and Mrs. Chan to her husband. But their partner somehow isn’t there. Until Mr. Chow and Mr. Chan learn that their partner is cheating with another person.

And it has a unique way in term of characters shoot. Being developed in a great combination of colors of green and red, the director, Kar-Wai Wong decided to not shows some faces of character whenever there’s a chance. Yeah, it’s the wife of Mr.Chow and husband of Mr. Chan. The reason may vary and some theories are up there, but it looks like that we don’t need to understand how they look. It is indeed, a good good choice for the filmmakers

Kar-Wai Wong’s movie is a huge drama, driven away in no such overdramatic fashion, in which quarrel between husband and wife is a solution. But they keep quiet in contrast, sometimes they meet each other, discussing why their spouse did so. Stories told between them and reveal only a bitter truth.

In the Mood for Love gives a very wavering and uneasy situation for both Mr.Chow and Mrs. Chan, knowing these people tend to be honest and appear wise. Cheating is just not theirs. However, perhaps they have to reconsider it. Perhaps it’s not about manner anymore.

The movie swayed into surprisingly deep in emotions. It’s like tons of emotions and feelings are unspoken between our minimalist characters.

Cinefix claimed its ending as one of very emotional ever. And I couldn’t agree more, In the Mood for Love leaves us witnessing a total depression, and how past can be regretful.