English Review – How To Train Your Dragon : The Hidden World (2019)


I’m sensing that you won’t miss anything important for not seeing the movie. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a fine-but-not-too-necessary ending to a saga.

I rarely have to say that some movies are safe enough to be labeled as an unnecessary piece, not until I watched this and took the exact feeling. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a rather weak, not as strong as its previous, even lacking ambition. Nonetheless, the movie isn’t falling free to the undeserved place in everyone’s heart, let’s say that the third act of the series is a fine (not great, underlined) way to end the saga.

The movie plot tells you about the interest of others, others life to granted, no matter what you are, Rider or Dragon. It concludes the reconciliation, which actually reflects a bit contradiction: Whereas the first installment basically told you that Human Viking and Dragon could live in harmony, the last part boldly tells you that it couldn’t. In a very short way, it is a goodbye, of Hiccup and his closest friend: Toothless which appear to find his own world.

There is no real surprise on the background story. Now Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is the Chief of Vikings, and all of his friends still counts as reliable fellowship, still with humor, but now….with beards. They meet another stronger one, eviler, that’s Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham), he claimed that Dragon only leads chaos, and he plans to banish all the dragons, with dragons….(what !?). Not finished with that, I surely think that Dean DeBlois had to add some elements to crowd the movie’s nuance. And that’s how HTTYD 3 becomes a tale of love interest, Night Fury is here to flirt with the untamed-same species dragon called the Light Fury.

Overall, HTTYD could have done better, everything seems not ready yet, the chapter is like a short sudden tale. From the first franchise, the movie keeps telling you that their universe is bigger than the previous one, and it does, but you just couldn’t feel much. The visuals almost outdo everything, at least some different sceneries that back a very classic (maybe boring) scenes you should’ve seen in every previous movie, the scenes of Hiccup and Toothless flying and yelling together.