English Review – Chungking Express (1994)


Chungking Express did good on expressing an express human connection within those blurry spectrum of Hong Kong

Chungking Express is a life-love analogy about a roundabout schema, a long wait for the brokenhearted one. The movie tells about two love stories in which time could make everything matters or instead doesn’t matter anymore.

And Chungking Express can be frustrating too, considering its way to generate emotion into the audience through kind-of unspoken feelings and rather right in the feel’s monologues. And perhaps that’s what makes the movie affects us greatly as we remembered how Lost in Translation and In the Mood of Love have done to us.

The two love stories both are about the cop who recently struggling with their relationship and it’s about time before they meet a new girl that comes into their life. Both in a very particular, even peculiar way and progress. Whilst each segment takes half of the movie duration, we could see a story of an endless night romance at the first half, but timeless days in another.

The first one is apparently far more favorable for me. It demonstrates how two people with a very bizarre background and contrast view of maybe anything could somehow tolerate with each other instant presence in a random point of time of their life. Known each other for no more than a night, but marks a deep impact on their respectively lonesome life.

The movie offers us a unique romance-drama, it strangers than fiction.