English Review – Chernobyl : Episode 1 (2019)


Chernobyl Episode 1 holds you tight with such a primal fear. It reveals how all of the horrors started and it ends leaving you in concern.

Generally, I’m not quite a fan of a series. Sometimes, the majority of it surely need much time to convince me that they have complex stories to be narrated. And that’s sort of lame because you have to invest such attention toward it. Furthermore, what if the story fails to fill your interest, well that’s an absolute time-wasting.

But not with Chernobyl. Aside from the popularity it received, Chernobyl has a title that speaks for itself. We just know what they’re gonna offer. And learning that Chernobyl was a short miniseries, that’s that; I am going for this.

The positive thing for me personally is that the movie talks about ‘event’, not characters’ composition. A 5-Episodes it contains tells you that they are not consuming on in-depth character introduction. You are going for real history, things that perhaps you could examine for, and that’s always interesting. To study the feelings that once had happened. It is like when you were watching Band of Brothers and try to learn the war. Chernobyl is evermore tempting if you are buying some non-fiction matters rather than fiction.

And for what I’ve witnessed, even only from one episode, it is worth it. Chernobyl just there to give you another the experience of a terrible moment. This time is a great tragedy occurred in the Soviet Union in 1986, a deadly chemical from a nuclear plant that leaks into the air. Contaminate and become a real threat which we don’t know yet how far it could get worse. Chernobyl progress into social-health chaos, and potentially politics. Something for sure, the movie speaks disaster, not good in any way.

Episode 1 certainly directs us into the point. Director Johan Renck and writer Craig Mazin drives us into the inside plant building, reveal what’s being happened. Chronologically served, it displays the night turns into harrow from midnight to the early dawn.
Is it that bad? what could have gone wrong?. As the panic ignites within each of nuclear engineer staff, we barely have no idea about any hazard of it. What we know and worry about is radiation may not good for human, and that’s what can you expect.

The fear and desperation demand larger attention. The problem crawls into the upper hierarchy, and the sparkling fire catches people eyes far away. Some people say It will be okay, but some people perhaps already know that it has gotten much worse. And people react differently but it surely becomes a game of blame, and it becomes very frustrating when one of its characters takes another life for an unnecessary bargain.

Well, the first episode successfully proves its horror. Chernobyl does thrill and it’s structurally splendid. Showing some perspective and exploring various kind of perceptive terror. It’s only a nuclear plant roof set on fire but suddenly you worry everything. Episode 1 is just a background of our main historical event here, and I have a feeling that it will lead into bigger drama and bigger anxiety.

I must admit that movie carrying real history often gives me a particular feeling. When it terrifies you, it senses truer. This Chernobyl imitates a provoking atmosphere, and in every scene, you’ve got to take a breather while once learning that it was all man-made. An accident that blows into a fatal catastrophe of human history