English Review – Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)


If it’s not because of that euphoric over the top moment of Live-Aid, Bohemian Rhapsody could only speaks as a representation of frustratingly amateur storytelling.

Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody is convincingly annoying with that quite formulaic rise and fall schema. Just like David Ehlrich of IndieWire was talking when he says some about the movie: It could be a story of any musicians at any time, rolling through any part.

Bryan Singer tried to tell everything about any moments of which Freddie Mercury and Queen had in their lives, and he’d done it but poorly. Every moment feels lacking in depth and exploration, and that’s obvious. He tells one thing in such an instance. Singer tried to make it all seems potrayed completely, but it barely like a pragmatic effort. That is a cheat.

It has not even one focused sub-story to tell. It’s just about a quick story of a band formation, nothing about band history and a flash about Freddie’s past and families. Singer even struggles when he decided to go deep into Freddie’s relationship and sexuality. It’s all flat, boring and much predictable.

The narratives boundary comes in confusing-jumped off tone. One time it’s about Queen and their little story composing one music, in seconds it’s about Freddie’s and his personal life again. It has no good chronological deliveries and continuity.

Even I’m not quite a fan of Queen. I think the movie did disappoint them also. Singer uses a big portion of the movie telling about how they write their famous song told in a very trivial way. No story about how they compose the lyrics or how they note-to-note compose the song technically. Oh wait, Singer think that it’s more important to show a scene where characters accuse each other of being bad writers.

It could be a strong musical biography, but with all due respect, Bohemian Rhapsody has nothing about musicality aspect and analysis. The filmmakers didn’t even make adequate research about how good was Queen as musicians. Here it is only a short leap about how they become very popular as performers.

In one moment, Singer particularly tells about the song Bohemian Rhapsody and the story of Queen’s members risking it all out when they forced it to become a single apart of its long duration. Okay it’s accurate (I’ve make a research of it), but why the hell Singer could display sequences of Queen’s successful concert in any places just after a scene of which the song of Bohemian Rhapsody awfully reviewed by critics. Doesn’t that a contradiction !?.

Rami Malek as Freddie had done very hard on this. I have to admit that he imitates Freddie’s looks, agility and stage movement trademark neatly. Does he deserves the Oscar ?, well I don’t really know, because for sure, talking about the movie and its wholeness, the late-legendary-and beautiful singer Freddie Mercury deserves a much much better than this.

If you ever wanted get to know about Queen, I mean their song, it is more effective and worth to just listen to their “Greatest Of” Album considering the movie is generally also a compilation of playlist.