English Review – Arrival (2016)


Bold and brainy, but for me, Villeneuve‘s piece isn’t only thought-provoking; it is a brutal heart-provoking.

What special about Arrival is, even on my second watch, within minutes after the movie’s over, you still dazzled with how it leaves you. Those emotions, and things that make you have to think about everything it served. This drama-science delivers a remarkable impact. Arrival, is logically and emotionally challenging,

It is the ‘story of my life’ of a woman of ours, named Louise Banks (potrayed by Amy Adams). She is a number-one linguist assigned by government to encounter uninvited visit of strange creature hidden on a big oval unspecified rock, hanging in a low air. The Alien, which later named Heptapod seems to have no clear intention, they just there, they just arrived, and sequentially, makes the world in an impulsed panic. And Louise stepped up to initiate what very integral to this movie theme; she tries to communicate with them.

Even with a very strong premise of another alien-themed movie, Arrival actually isn’t. This is a rather great drama than it a science-fiction. And although it has some serious point of ‘make sense’ science to talk to, Arrival is rather a massive self-study.

Max Ritcher’s ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ perfectly fit what it needs to be. Oh, I rejoice that extremely intimate drama, suffocating with a pain in which Amy Adams’s character has to embrace. “If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?”. I don’t know why, but this movie deserved a spotlight by being taught me how to welcome a life ahead, to welcome your destined fate.

Yet the movie has some insight and theories to discuss. The Sapir-whorf Theory until that complex connection between language, perception and time. Go and try to surf the internet after the movie, that will illuminate you and more importantly, it will make you praise the movie even better.

This cerebral experience by Denis Villeneuve will be fondly remembered as the story unfolds like an eternal journey, ends where it began.